Ultimate Course

Course Objectives:

🎯 Conduct research to innovate methods for specific currency pairs.
📊 Build statistical correlation for entry & exit points.
🌐 Analyze market conditions through technical, fundamental, and sentimental studies.
🔄 Practice back-testing for technical and fundamental strategies.
📈 Develop a comprehensive trading plan.
⚖️ Apply risk management tools for a favorable risk-to-reward ratio.
🔄 Develop exit plans with a focus on profit or zero risk.

35 students enrolled

Ultimate Forex Trading Journey 🚀

Duration: 120 Hours

Welcome to the Ultimate Forex Trading Course – a transformative journey designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to conquer the dynamic world of forex trading!

Course Highlignts

Embark on this practical and immersive course that blends theory with hands-on experience. Dive deep into research activities, uncover innovative methods, and master advanced trading strategies. Let the vibrant vibes guide you through different market environments, shaping you into a confident and strategic forex trader.

Objectives & Goals:

  1. 🌟 Research Excellence:

    • Explore innovative methods and advanced strategies for specific currency pairs.
    • Build statistical correlations for precise entry and exit points.
  2. 📈 Market Analysis Magic:

    • Analyze market conditions using technical, fundamental, and sentimental studies.
    • Practice back-testing for the execution of both technical and fundamental strategies.
  3. 🚀 Strategic Planning Prowess:

    • Develop a robust trading plan encompassing all aspects of trading activities.
    • Apply risk management tools for an optimal risk-to-reward ratio.
    • Create exit plans based on the principle of either exiting with profit or zero risk.

Traits of Successful Traders – Unleash the Trader in You:

  • 🔄 Active management of open trades.
  • ⏳ Intermediate and advanced timing techniques.
  • 📊 Strategic incorporation of current fundamental themes.

Module 1: Candlestick Analysis – Illuminate Your Path

1.1 🔥 Trading Candlesticks with Technical Indicators 

1.2 🚀 Higher Probability Candlestick Entries

1.3 🕵️‍♂️ Reading Long Wicks for Valuable Clues

1.4 ✨ Heiken Ashi Magic

Module 2: Chart Patterns and Application – Patterns with Purpose

2.1 🔄 Head and Shoulders Mastery

2.2 🔺 Triangle Patterns Unleashed

2.3 💹 Trading Price Action Triangles

2.4 👥 Double Top – Double Bottom Insights

2.5 🚩 Trading Bullish Flags Strategies

2.6  Trading Bearish Flags Tactics

2.7 🌪️ Engulfing Patterns Unraveled

2.8 🔄 Price Action Swings Exploration

2.9 🌀 Fractals – Assistant for Locating Swings

Module 3: Support and Resistance  – Strong Foundations

3.1 📈 Trendline Support & Resistance Wisdom

3.2 🌀 Pivot Points Mastery

3.3 🔄 Camarilla Pivots Unveiled

3.4 ⚖️ Forces of Supply and Demand Unleashed

3.5 📉 Timing Trades with Fib Retracements

3.6 🎯 Psychological Whole Numbers as Support & Resistance

3.7 ✔️ Price Action Confirmation of Support and Resistance

3.8 🔄 Using Support and Resistance to Trade Supply and Demand


Module 4: Money Management & Risk Models – Navigate the Risk Terrain

4.1 💹 Position Sizing and Calculation Mastery

4.2 📉 Risk-Based Lot Size Strategies

4.3 🔄 Allocating Equity to Multiple Positions Wisdom

4.4 ⚖️ Risk-to-Reward Ratios Mastery

4.5 🔄 Applying Martingale Methods within Risk Tolerance

4.6 🚫 Overtrading vs. Undertrading Insights

4.7 📅 Setting Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Profit and Risk Targets


Module 5: Trading the News – Ride the News Wave

5.1 📰 Reading News Events and Understanding Consequences

5.2 📊 Trading During News Events Strategies

5.3 📉 Analyzing Deviation Numbers Like a Pro

5.4 🔄 Correlation with Previous Numbers and News Events

5.5 🎙️ Analyzing Banker Speeches with Precision

5.6 📆 Preparing Trading Plans Based on News Calendar

Module 6: Trader Psychology – Master Your Mindset

6.1 🔄 Managing Losing Trades: Small vs. Big Lot

6.2 😌 Managing the Emotions of Trading

6.3 🤔 Choosing Suitable Trades: Scalping, Intraday, and Swing

6.4 🔄 Back-Testing Strategies and Application Insights


Module 7: Trading as a Business – Your Trading Empire

7.1 📜 The Trader’s Plan Blueprint

7.2 🔄 Crafting Your Personal Trading Strategy

7.3 📊 Manual Back-Testing: The Art of Trading

7.4 🌙 Staying Active Beyond Market Hours

7.5 🔄 Three Crucial Trading Behaviors

7.6 ⚖️ Risk Management: How Much Capital Should I Trade With?

7.7 🔄 Professional vs. Amateurs Reaction to a Losing Trade

7.8 📉 Trailing Stops Mastery

7.9 🔄 How to Scale-in and Scale-out Strategies

7.10 ⚠️ Beware the Martingale Wisdom

7.11 📈 Managing Stops Like a Professional

7.12 🔄 Reading Risk On vs. Risk Off

7.13 🎯 Identifying Positive Risk-Reward Ratios with Price Action

Module 8: Advanced Indicators & Trading Strategies – Elevate Your Expertise

8.1 📊 CCI (Commodity Channel Index) Demystified

8.2 🔄 Breakout Trades and the Power of Price Channels

8.3 🌀 Aroon Indicator Exploration

8.4 📉 ATR (Average True Range) Strategies

8.5 📈 ADX – A Powerful Tool for Trading Trends

8.6 🔄 Parabolic SAR Decoded

8.7 📈 Rate of Change Indicator Strategies

8.8 🔄 Trading with the Directional Movement Indicator Wisdom

8.9 📊 Traits of Successful Traders Revealed

8.10 🔢 Fibonacci: Your Leading Indicator?

8.11 🔄 Using the Fibonacci Retacement

1 8.12 🌀 Using the Fibonacci Extenstion

8.13 📈 Trading Trends with Fibonacci Strategies

8.14 🔄 Correlation Studies: Connecting with Stocks and Commodity Currencies

Module 9: Introduction to Trading Strategies – Begin Your Trading Adventure

9.1 🔄 Range Trading Exploration

9.2 📊 Analyzing Ranges with RSI (Relative Strength Index)

9.3 🏙️ Trading Tokyo-London- New york Trading sessions  with Price Action

9.4 ⚔️ Breakout Strategies: Prevention and Action

9.5 🔢 A Basic Indicator Breakout Strategy

9.6 🔄 Trading False Breakouts

9.7 ⚔️ Breakout Entries for Ranging Markets

9.8 📉 How to Trade Panic Strategies

9.9 💥 The Ballistics of Breakouts Unleashed

9.10 📈 Price Action Breakouts Wisdom

Module 10: Advacned – Mastering the Art

10.1 📘 Forex Trader’s Guide to Price Action (Overview)

10.2 🔍 The Gartley Pattern Demystified

10.3 🔠 ABCD Pattern Insights 10.4

🔄 Renko Strategy Unveiled

10.5 🔢 Range Trading with Multiple Lots

10.6 📈 Price Action Breakouts Mastery

10.7 🚀 Attacking News Events with Price Action

10.8 ⚡ Dual Spike Breakouts/Fades Strategies

This breakdown ensures your journey is not just educational but filled with positive vibes and structured learning. May your Forex trading adventure be prosperous and fulfilling! 🌟 Happy Trading! 🚀


                   Learning outcomes


       Fundamental Analysis


 🎯 Objective:         To understand the macroeconomic factors influencing                                             global  economies and their impact on trading decisions.



 🔑 Key Learning Points:


 🌍   Grasp the intricate tapestry of global macroeconomics, dissecting pivot             news events (Growth, Inflation, Employment, Central Bank, Bonds, Housing,  Surveys, Speeches) with surgical precision.


ü  Employment                   : NFP, ADP, Weekly Claims, wage rates & others

ü  Industrial & growth        : ISM, PMI, Durable goods, GDP, Retail sales and others

ü  Banking                          : Inflation, Monetary Policy, Interest rate, rating agency reports

ü  Geo-political Risk & conflicts, natural disasters, and man-made disasters.

📈    Visualize the profound impact of market dynamics on the business cycle and  maintain an unwavering focus on enduring trends.



        Sentimental Insight


🎯 Objective:        To   analyse  market sentiment and make informed trading                                                    decisions.

🔑 Key Learning Points:

🧭 Embrace the nuances of trade psychology, unravel trader sentiments through   the intricacies of trading volume, long/short positions,   currency pairs, and temporal inclinations.

📈   Leverage crowd sentiments to elegantly navigate the ebbs and flows of bullish and bearish market sentiments.


🌐   Analyse  the Currency Heat Map with finesse, unveiling the hidden   correlations among currency pairs, and adroitly harness COT reports  for sentiment intelligence.



     Prudent Money Management


🎯 Objective:    To apply risk management principles to trading strategies for 

                             consistent profitability.



🔑 Key Learning Points:


💰 Impeccably implement a diverse array of risk management models cultivating  a  garden of consistent profitability.


⚖️   Navigate the intricacies of Risk-to-Reward Ratios, the Martingale  Method, Pyramid Trading, Basket Trading, Hedge Strategies, and  Arbitrage Techniques with unparalleled expertise.



          Versatility in Trading Styles


🎯 Objective:      To explore different trading styles to match individual                                                                preferences  and risk tolerance.

🔑 Key Learning Points:

 🔄 Embrace versatile trading methods, elegantly tailored to suit diverse   backgrounds of risk appetites, and account size.


📉 Explore a diverse gamut of trading styles, spanning Scalping, Intra- Day trading, Trend Trading, Range Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, and the intricacies of the Carry Trade.



        Auto-Trading Prowess


 🎯Objective:    To understand automated trading systems and their pros                                         and cons.  



 🔑 Key Learning Points:   


🤖     Unearth profound insights into Auto-trading, alorithmic Trading, Expert advisors, and the captivating world of Robotic Trading.


⚖️     Deftly dissect the pros and cons of automated trading systems, carefully                    evaluating their potential.     


📊     Conduct rigorous back-testing and software optimization, ensuring the flawless deployment of automation in your trading  endeavours.



      🌟 Advantages of this Course


                     📊 Embark on a journey to acquire sophisticated, comprehensive, and

                            meticulously applied knowledge and skills in trading   FOREX, CFDs, 

                            Commodities, and the ever-evolving realm of cryptocurrencies.



🔑 Key Notes


ü  Your journey to becoming a successful trader begins with a strong foundation.

ü  Continuous learning and refinement are the keys to trading mastery.

ü  Success in trading requires both technical and psychological skills.

ü  Always adapt your trading style to the current market conditions.

ü  Explore automation but understand its benefits and limitations





🎯 Happy Trading 🔑

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